If you pay for 2 courses the discount is 10 % saving 25 у.е. – 8100 Rub.

If you pay for 3 courses the discount is 15 % saving 63 у.е. – 11475 Rub.


10-level system – a perfect program for those studying a language

A1 level (Starter): This level implies the language study from the zero level, that means you have never studied the language and you know about 10-20 accidental words.
At this level phonetic skills in pronunciation and intonation are developed. Different situations from everyday life are role-played at the lessons. At the end of this level you will be able to compose a story about yourself, your family, will be able to talk about where you live, what your occupation is and how you
spend your free time.

1A2 level (Pre-Intermediate): You can shortly talk about yourself can read a text, but you make mistakes in pronounciation of many words.
After studying at this level you will be able to read and understand simple texts which carry information. Colloquial grammar constructions are actively used on the lessons. You will be talking, using learned cliché and will be able to build a more composed phrase.
At the end of the level you will know the time tenses, will learn to ask questions correctly, will understand how to catch the necessary information in oral speech.

B1 level (Intermediate): You are able to talk on everyday topics using the forms of Present, Past and Future tenses. You are able to retell the contents of a serial film, but not a psychological drama.
At this level tense forms are being practiced, your vocabulary will increase greatly, you will learn to understand the speech of a native speaker in a normal way.

B1 level (Upper-intermediate): You are able to prepare a small speech, participate in discussions on many topics, but you are at a non-plus with many contemporary colloquial phrases. While listening to TV-/radio-news, not everything is clear to you. At this level you begin to climb the top-stones of the language with the help of native-speakers.

B2 level (Advanced): Reaching this level, you will reach ‘free English’. Of course, you will not be able to interpret at the International conference, but in your sphere of working you will be able to understand, say and write everything!

C1, C2 level: Preparation for examinations: CAE, IELTS, TOEFL. You are able to successfully use the language in any situation. Completely appropriate response in informal (high-stress and delicate) situations. Education of special subjects is also possible in an unspecialized verbal environment.

One-to-One English Course

  • Courses specifically designed for you as an individual student

    These classes can be taken at any time during the day, and for any combination of hours.
    The price is R1500 per academic hour (native-speaking English teacher), R1000 (fluent-speaking Russian teacher).✔ Volume discounts

  • 10 frequently used idioms

    To сave in - сваливаться; уступать, сдаваться

    To gain ground - продвигаться вперед, делать успехи

    To go to the dogs - пойти прахом

    To bite the dust - потерпеть поражение, уступив

    To be duped, be left looking a fool - остаться с носом

    A narrow escape - опасное, рискованное положение, быть "на волоске от гибели"

    A needle in a haystack - "иголка в стоге сена"; то, что очень трудно найти

    A nervous Nellie - застенчивый, нерешительный человек

    A nest egg - сумма денег, отложенная на чёрный день

    A new deal - дать шанс начать всё сначала

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